Repair Your Diamond

You’ve spent a lot of money on that beautiful, sparkling diamond, and you just love it.

However, one day you take a closer look at it and see a small chip.
Your stone is no longer perfect and while that little notch may be barely visible to others, it is not invisible to you, and that’s driving you crazy. What can you do? Do not worry because we can help you.


1. Is Your Diamond Insured?  Some diamonds come insured against certain damage Check your insurance policy to see whether it covers accidental chips, scratches, etc.

You may need to talk to your insurance company to see if it will pay for a replacement stone.  It is possible that you can get a new diamond and save yourself a lot of hassle.

2. Re-cut your diamond. Usually, small diamonds—those under .20cts, (1/5th of a carat,) or so—aren’t worth re-cutting. Larger diamonds—especially antique diamonds with sentimental value—can often be re-cut without loosing too much of the original stone. Ask Genesis Jewelry by Eli Niv how we can fix your diamond.

When a diamond is already damaged, the chance of more damage to occur increases dramatically.  A damaged girdle (the outermost rim of the stone) or a chipped corner can lead to disastrous consequences if a huge blow is dealt to that weak point at a correct angle.

As soon as you notice your diamond is damaged, you should stop wearing it. I also recommend that you bring it into Genesis Jewelry so Eli Niv can assess it before the situation deteriorates. Letting a professional address the problem during an earl
y stage will help lay out more available options to rectify the issue.  Set an appointment as soon as you can so we can show you all the different options you have with your diamond.

3.We will Buy your Diamond.  Replace the chipped diamond for another. Smaller diamonds normally are replaced. A larger diamond with a very big chip may need to be replaced, as well.

4. Sell your Diamond, Trade up. If you’ve always wanted a bigger, cleaner, or brighter diamond… We can Buy-Your-Diamond.  Now is the time to exchange your old 1/2 ct. chipped center stone with a full one carat sparkly one.

5. Cover the chip with a design element. Oftentimes, small chips can be covered over by one of the prongs holding it in its setting. We can suggest the best plan of action if your setting will accommodate and hide your chipped diamond.

6. Give the chipped diamond to someone you love.  Place the chipped diamond inside a piece of jewelry and give it away as a special gift.